Train with the Best to be your Best.

Andy and his family.

Andy and his family.

Why train with Andy?

  1. 11 Years of dedicate research and experience in the health and wellness industry

  2. Compassion based training to ensure results.

  3. Roots Module - Andy’s self written curriculum for success in health.

My goal is to observe your habits. Both exercise, and lifestyle habits in order to find patterns of self destructive behavior. With data, I will make educated decisions to GUARANTEE your success.

I will do my part; you do yours. Together we guarantee success.


Membership Includes:

  • Nutrition Plan Preparation

  • Exercise Plan Preparation

  • Life Habits Plan Preparation

  • One session each week

  • 24 Hr access to Roots Fitness

  • Online data tracking for success


  • All sessions are 1 hr long.

  • Members have Andy’s full attention


  • 1 Session a week - $600 / month

  • 2 Sessions a week - $1200/ month