Cost: $347/month



What does my membership include?

  • Two - 1 hour private training sessions each week
  • Structured nutrition plan
  • 24 HR access gym membership
  • Access to homework database
  • Complimentary entry into all seminars
  • Roots T-shirt

What shape must I be in?

Any and all conditions accepted. We specialize in injury prevention for athletes, injury rehabilitation, and moderate to severe physical trauma correction. It is rare we encounter a life we cannot improve

What does Semi-Private mean?

Semi- private training means we allow a maximum of 4 participants in each class.

No, you are not responsible for the other 3 individuals in the class!

We match abilities as best we can!

Can Roots really help me?

No... However, we can teach you the secret to help yourself! Self accountability is crucial for progress. We teach Rootians the secret to self created success!

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