Cost: $160/month


Mondays & Wednesdays @ 7 p.m.

What does my membership include?

  • Two- 1 hr training sessions a week
  • 24 hr access gym membership
  • Access to workout database
  • Roots T-shirt
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What is OCT (Obstacle Course Training)?

OCT conditions your body and your mind for the rigors of mud runs, obstacle courses, and parkour.  Rootians will learn proper hanging, crawling, lifting, and climbing necessary for all challenges.


What can I do for you? 

My goal is to teach each OC Warrior how to increase lean muscle, endurance, mobility, awareness, and control of the human body. Skills achieved will allow all OC Warriors to conquer races, Ninja inspired obstacle courses,  and fundamental calisthenics moves.

Why do I teach this class?

I believe wellness can be achieved through obstacle course training. Achievements acquired in class transition to everyday life; creating an easier and efficient lifestyle. 

Begin your OC Warrior journey today!