Absolute professional, yet makes workouts fun and meaningful. Empowering and have already started to see results in both body and mind!
— Karen Engates
Love love this place! Well informed trainers who create a great atmosphere.
— Colleen Lee
Colleen is wearing blue.

Colleen is wearing blue.

Andy Travis is an Incredible trainer, he’s focused totally on you with goal oriented results you can not only feel but also see... He also adds good advice on nutrition and general well being... He’s personable , friendly always in a good pleasant upbeat mood and he’s an expert who knows his stuff... I recommend him highly and without reservation... Do yourself a favor and join Andy... You’ll be so glad you did... and so will everyone else... Dr. G
— Rudy Granados
A silly comment about getting me in a Speedo started a Life changing difference in my and my families lives! In December 2012 I mentioned losing some weight and since I have had two strokes and was on numerous daily medications, it was time I did something. Andy convinced me and about 14 other family members to change our eating habits and get moving. In January he sent out a nutrition plan and workout plan. I personally have lost over thirty pounds but even more exciting is I went from a 46” waist to a 38”! I am now wearing Large shirts instead of 2 or even 3XL! My wife and daughter are also down in sizes and over 30 lbs. each and my oldest son is down over 65 lbs.! Thanks Andy for the plans but more importantly for the encouragement and support!
— Darren Ravey