for the restofus FItFest

When: December 22, 2018

Where: Roots Fitness

Time: 1p.m. to 6 p.m.


A day of community, competition, and festivities! Bring your A game and your grievances and be prepared to leave it all at Roots. Cost is $5 to compete. Winner receive the entry pot total!

Competition requirements:
Teams of 2
$5 to participate
1 dish for potluck

Festivus FitFest will include the following:

3 Feats of Strength

* Partner Baggage Sled Drag - Drag your partner, and last years baggage to the finish line! Each partner gets a drag.(partner on sled may air out grievances at this time)

* Festivus 5ishk run - Teams will run somewhere and back for time. Times are cumulative

* Glory Pole Obstacle Course - Each partner must complete the obstacle course. Participants are scored on time. Fastest time per team is entered into score card.

Immediately following the crowning of the winner, We will partake in a potluck dinner to celebrate!