3 Reasons Your Diet Sucks and Isn't Working

I will keep this short and simple. Lets get to it

1. Deprivation
We believe we must take away all “bad” foods when we eat healthy and this is foolish. Treats do amazing things for our psychology. Hence why we eat treats when we feel emotionally down. When we crave treats, we crave a pick me up. A pick me up brings positive thoughts into our minds which reduce stress. Stress reduces cortisol; therefore preventing excess fat storage. When you want a damn treat, eat a damn treat. Trick, eat just a few bites and wait 3 minutes. Craving should pass. If it does not. Repeat one time and than get some discipline or help.

2. Starvation
Food is measured in Calories. Calories are a measure of energy. The average human requires 2,000 calories of energy each day. The measure of energy in electronics is volts. A flashlight requires 9 volts of electrical energy from a battery to work. This all makes since. Without the voltage(energy), the flashlight wont work. Guess what? Without calories(energy), the human body will not work. This is science, not an opinion. Do not DEPRIVE yourself of calories.

3. Education
This aspect is the most obvious yet most overlooked. We will only be as smart as our teachers. Have many, but question all. Get help folks. And be smart about it. 3 signs of a reliable teacher: 1. Diligently practices what they preach. 2. Can effectively explain hard to understand terms and concepts. 3. Is what you believe to be the epitome of health.
Your mind will need to trust this person. Any lack of trust will lead to confusion, and failure.

Final point. This short article is entirely geared towards the Psychology of Nutrition. We live in a tangible body, housing a tangible brain. All of which is controlled by an intangible mind. A certain something that makes you who you are. Without this being, we are a vegetable. When seeking success, do not discount the very thing that makes us who we are.

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I can fix your health, life, stress, relatioship etc...

I can fix your relationship, stress, health, life, or (insert your problem here).

It's simple.

Cost less then a $1000.

And all you need is a map.

From here; you will need to follow a few simple steps.

1. Pack your stuff.

- Not a whole lot; 10-14 days worth. Clothes and toiletries. Camping gear of you would like to camp(my favorite).

2. Pick a destination.

- Where do you want to go? We chose Colorado for our last fixer.

3. Go!

- just go...

A few key points:

1. Take no superhighways. Only back roads that run north, south, east, or west.
- the sights you will see are amazing. Old oil towns, cow towns, cotton towns, and many others.

2. Stop at everything that peeks your interest. Their are stories upon stories hidden in the most amazing places!

3. Use a paper map!
- the "old school" map will show you so many cool things you will never see on super highways. Towns with amazing history. People who single handed lay built a town and the town died with them! All the way to old destination sites for Roadtrippers fro, the 40s- 80,s(before the super highways).

4. Make it a throwback vacation!

- I'm talking about vacationing like your parents. No technology! Of course an iPhone in airplane mode for music and safety purposes is fine. But nothing to distract you from the company in your vehicle!

- The points above are vital and notably simple. The points below require attention, intention, and purpose.

The purpose of this trip is to disconnect yourself from everything. Using maps keeps emails, texts, and social media, which are really just stress, out of our minds.
We connect with ourselves again. Old folks seem happier for a damn good reason. Their is less shit cluttering their lives. They know who they are.
We connect with our loved ones again. A crazy thing happens when you aren't distracted. It's called conversation. Hours in a car is a wonderful time to reconnect with our spouse, child, self, etc..
We learn to not give a shit. My favorite! Without a schedule, agenda, plan, etc; We allow room for our minds to stop caring about what is not important and focus on the important. Our immediate surroundings.
We learn to love. The more time we spend with something, the more we learn about it; which leads to understanding, appreciation, and acceptance. All aspects of love.

The steps are simple for a reason. No need to complicate them or worry about the what ifs. The what ifs can happen to anyone, and if they do; such is life.

Take these directions and just go. The first few days will be hard, but with in 4 days, you will be having the time of your life and be on the road to fixing all of your problem.

Sappy stuff and the Why behind the article.

I was moved to write this article based on my current travels to Colorado with my only Lady Lindsey and our pups, Laila, and Zeus. Lindsey and I were doing great, but felt it could be better. We were spot on! We followed these points and learn so many things. We learned strengths and weaknesses and how we can use our strength to trump the others weakness making us stronger together and weaker apart. Love. We learned that arguing is just us refusing to listen to the other person. By actually listening and seeking understanding of each other; we learned to communicate. Love. We learned to appreciate the past. The small towns that are empty but full of old relics, showed us the hard times it took to build the country we have the privilege of thriving in. Our past is full of stories that taught us lessons; by remembering all we have learned together, we prevent future mistakes and build a tighter bond. Love.

I don't know truly how to express the experience we had. I do know that it is unique to us and is therefore a beautiful thing. It is sacred.... Love.

Whatever your problem is. Wherever you are lost. The answer is in you. Look at your map, and just Go.