Roots Movement Manual - A return to a simple man. (Intro)

A return to Roots.


It is what it sounds like. A return to what is pure. To what is simple. To what I can understand. To what I can apply to create a balanced life.

Why Roots?

Understanding my journey from my roots teaches acceptance of my return. Along the way, I made a choice to choose. A simple choice to create my own way. A constant return to my roots keeps the simplicity of the task at the forefront of my brain.

Why Fitness?

Exercise is the medium. It is my trial and error which requires acceptance of both sides. Success and failure. Verbally different, realistically the same. Rationale grounds me and narrows my vision while exercise challenges me and broadens my scope. Science has provided the structure I require to be free. Movement provides the freedom.


Here, I can grow my Roots.


The purpose of the Roots Movement Web is to teach the science of finding our Roots. The sciences decipher the hidden code of our universe, and allow us to navigate our universe with equanimity.


A note on denoting.


Words can create a  mental prison. We hang on a word for the conservation of our argument. If we allow ourselves to see the intention, we are free to see the roots. Constant awareness is necessary to free oneself of their acquired wordset in order to understand the required wordset. Words can influence many, including oneself.


The following text is a guided navigation of holistic exploration. It provides us a starting point to begin healing our ailments. The science is to be applied in 3 realms. Mind, Body, Spirit. Body is constant. Mind and spirit are mobile.


The four E’s of Impeccability


I like to call them the wacky inflatable sign pillars. Constantly moving, yet always standing firm. The gravitational forces of Earth are constant and reliable. The gravitational forces of our lives are wild, erratic, and sometimes destructive. We must be rooted in science, yet have the mobility to coordinate with mental and physical gravitational forces. We must understand we provide the movement; which requires constant coordination with gravity. We provide the mental dialogue which requires constant coordination with our life. We create Examination. We create Efficiency. We create Ease. We create Equanimity.


The struggle of Impeccability.

My definition of Impeccable is as follows. Being a man who is cool, calm, and collected, when under attack, when on the offense, and in the still of the moment. The struggle for me is what to do. Every moment changed. Every moment moved. I attempted to stand strong in who I was. I found the world left me behind.  

I chose to move. I found truth. The world leaves no one behind. I am not the concern of the world. I am simply a cog in a wheel of incomprehensible time. It is my requirement to move with time. The truth MAY set you free.

I accept my requirements. I know what is required of me. When I complete my tasks, I am free to move as I please. I am in control of my boundaries. I decide my limits.  

It is my choice. I have a choice, because I choose.



Practice where you are. Stay in your current position. Change nothing about you.

Breathe in for 5 seconds.

Breathe out for 5 seconds.

Accept what your senses present to you.

Choose to change that which you desire different.



Examination (Breathe)


The examination is that of our senses. What do we see, hear, feel, smell, taste. Our Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) creates awareness of our external and internal space. Most importantly our sense of physical movement. As oxygen travels our air canals, nerve endings are excited. As oxygen expands our lungs and diaphragm, muscles of the abdomen are expanded. Here we seek the state of our spine. We seek tension. We seek even distribution of gravity’s forces.


I practice breathing because I require constants in my erratic thought process. I do not know if I am ADHD, but squirrel……….. Breath is a requirement of life. Everything else is under my control. Oxygen powers my thoughts, emotions, and movement. I accept what I am required to understand, so that I may understand my way of exercising my thoughts, emotions, and movement. I orchestrate the symphony of my life. This is my control.



Be still. Where you are right now. Be present. Do not change anything about you.

Breathe in for 5 seconds

Breathe out for 5 seconds

Focus on what you see only.

Repeat 5 x

Each repetition, focus on a different sense.

What do you hear?

What do you smell?

What do you taste?

What do you feel?


Efficiency (Move)


Efficiency is the reorganization. It is movement instigated by breath which seeks to remove tension, and evenly distribute gravitational load. It is navigation of the planes of movement to find a better way. A different way to move. A way that brings you to right now. It is the breath moving the moment. BREATHE.   


I require movement. My thoughts become so overwhelming, I become still. My thoughts are moving quickly. My body becomes rigid and immobile.  I am required to become aware of my 5 senses. They bring me to the present moment and call attention to my current space. I realize I am the variable. I accept it. I make a choice to create a positive space. I understand I am required to accept my current space. I choose the space I occupy. It is my requirement to fill my space with  joy.



Move slowly. Only change your physical structure. The rest of you is exactly where it is required to be.

Breathe in for 5 seconds

Breathe out for 5 seconds

Feel your tensions within your body

Gently reposition the body for less tension.



Ease (Relax)


Ease is the end result. It is found at the end of our breath. It addresses tension at hand. Relaxation allows for evenly distributed gravitational pull. Easy movement patterns slide easily into equanimity.

I have made myself aware of my thoughts, and my body. I can clearly see the connection. I understand that my thoughts are what physically weigh down my body. I choose to lighten my thoughts. I choose to lighten my body. I understand anger is what moves me. I choose to tell anger I am happy. I leave it there as my pet. It is well trained, and is at my command. I chose this choice. I understand I am required to repeat this process again. I will repeat this process until thought is not required. I will remove the problem of my mind.



Be you right here right now. Only change that which makes you happy.

Breathe in for 5 seconds

Breathe out for 5 seconds

Analyze your work

Do what is required to make your next experience happy.





Equanimity is the freedom within the science. It is understanding the cycle of neural awareness has no beginning, and no end. It is constant. It is required. It is movement without resistance. It is flexible and strong. It is the balance required for a healthy body


Equanimity is polarity.


Gravity is a constant force. It does not change. It is not positive or negative. It is.  Breath is a constant force. Constantly moving. It is not positive or negative. It is. Human beings are erratic. Always changing. Always polar. We are both positive and negative.


Equanimity is freedom in understanding we are the polar forces. We decide our fate by accepting that which we can rely on and nothing else. Our requirement is happiness. We facilitate happiness. Understand you are the change you want to be. You are the positive force you require in your life. You are the opportunity you seek. Find yourself. Find your answers.


I see now that I have the ability to choose. I see others have the same ability. I am the product of my choices. Choices made today, yesterday, and yesteryear. I accept my happiness is leaving others free to choose, with the intent of choosing freely. I am who I am. I am water. I am earth I am life. I am death. I am happiness. I am a positive force. I am alone. I am surrounded.  


I choose. Here lies my Freedom


Our five senses our connection to our environment. We receive information through our nose, eyes, mouth, ears, and body. We choose the polarity of our gravity.




Be the force you wish to be. Accept the forces pulling you.

Breath in for 5 seconds

Breathe out for 5 seconds



It is your time. Spend it as you please.

Thank you for your time.

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