Create Equanimity.



Equanimity is the freedom within the science. It is understanding the cycle of neural awareness has no beginning, and no end. It is constant. It is required. It is movement without resistance. It is flexible and strong. It is the balance required for a healthy body


Equanimity is polarity.


Gravity is a constant force. It does not change. It is not positive or negative. It is.  Breath is a constant force. Constantly moving. It is not positive or negative. It is. Human beings are erratic. Always changing. Always polar. We are both positive and negative.


Equanimity is freedom in understanding we are the polar forces. We decide our fate by accepting that which we can rely on and nothing else. Our requirement is happiness. We facilitate happiness. Understand you are the change you want to be. You are the positive force you require in your life. You are the opportunity you seek. Find yourself. Find your answers.


I see now that I have the ability to choose. I see others have the same ability. I am the product of my choices. Choices made today, yesterday, and yesteryear. I accept my happiness is leaving others free to choose, with the intent of choosing freely. I am who I am. I am water. I am earth I am life. I am death. I am happiness. I am a positive force. I am alone. I am surrounded.  


I choose. Here lies my Freedom


Our five senses our connection to our environment. We receive information through our nose, eyes, mouth, ears, and body. We choose the polarity of our gravity.




Be the force you wish to be. Accept the forces pulling you.

Breath in for 5 seconds

Breathe out for 5 seconds



It is your time. Spend it as you please.

Thank you for your time.

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