Create Ease.

Ease (Relax)


Ease is the end result. It is found at the end of our breath. It addresses tension at hand. Relaxation allows for evenly distributed gravitational pull. Easy movement patterns slide easily into equanimity.

I have made myself aware of my thoughts, and my body. I can clearly see the connection. I understand that my thoughts are what physically weigh down my body. I choose to lighten my thoughts. I choose to lighten my body. I understand anger is what moves me. I choose to tell anger I am happy. I leave it there as my pet. It is well trained, and is at my command. I chose this choice. I understand I am required to repeat this process again. I will repeat this process until thought is not required. I will remove the problem of my mind.



Be you right here right now. Only change that which makes you happy.

Breathe in for 5 seconds

Breathe out for 5 seconds

Analyze your work

Do what is required to make your next experience happy.


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