Create Efficiency

Efficiency (Move)


Efficiency is the reorganization. It is movement instigated by breath which seeks to remove tension, and evenly distribute gravitational load. It is navigation of the planes of movement to find a better way. A different way to move. A way that brings you to right now. It is the breath moving the moment. BREATHE.   


I require movement. My thoughts become so overwhelming, I become still. My thoughts are moving quickly. My body becomes rigid and immobile.  I am required to become aware of my 5 senses. They bring me to the present moment and call attention to my current space. I realize I am the variable. I accept it. I make a choice to create a positive space. I understand I am required to accept my current space. I choose the space I occupy. It is my requirement to fill my space with  joy.



Move slowly. Only change your physical structure. The rest of you is exactly where it is required to be.

Breathe in for 5 seconds

Breathe out for 5 seconds

Feel your tensions within your body

Gently reposition the body for less tension.


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