We are simply electrical beings. Our brain is the control center’ receiving and transmitting information. Overtime, neurons tend to die leaving us with less electrical function. This creates poor cognitive function, physical function, and emotional function. New studies are showing the truth about this neurological degeneration and how it is simply lack of use. The old saying, “Use it or lose it.” ; is true.

Fortunately, Neurogenesis is an old idea with a new revival. The concept is simple, if we begin to do something new; our brain will write a neurological map to make this task easier. How does this concept apply to us?

To make something easier, we simply must do it. Here is the kicker. It involves understanding your neurology in the first place.

The important systems for basic understanding are the Peripheral Nervous System and the Central Nervous System. Our PNS is comprised of our 5 senses; sight, sound, taste, touch, smell. Our CNS is comprised of all the things that make us move. All our nervous systems are dependent on one very important fuel source they cannot operate without. Oxygen. We breathe; we fuel our brain.

All sensory information is received through our PNS and projected through our CNS. Example; an airhorn blows loudly. You hear(PNS) it. You then jump(CNS) from fear. Example 2; You taste(PNS) food and you do not like it. You spit(CNS) food out. Hopefully away from guests!

So, how does all this apply to exercise, emotion, and cognitive function? Let us start with our sense of touch(PNS). Our sensation of pain is registered through PNS and communicated through CNS causing the actual pain.  We feel it mid set, mid rep, and for a few days after exercise. We feel emotional pain immediately and for a long time after an event. Our head literally hurts during and after a hard test or paper.

I think we get the basics of nervous system communication and pain. Let’s bring Neurogenesis back into the photograph and bring it home. When we have pain in our lives, we must be aware of the source of the pain and how our body projects it.

During exercise, we need to breathe with each repetition and hear what our body is saying. The neurogenesis creates a better understanding of exercise. A better understanding of exercise makes it easier.

During cognitive moments, breath provides neural excitement. Neurogenesis creates more areas of the brain to store and recall information. A better understanding of cognitive function makes thinking and remembering easier.

During emotional times, breath allows us to feel the sensation of our body and hear the truth of our thoughts. Neurogenesis creates a healthier emotional response. A better understanding of emotions creates an easier and safe emotional environment.

For millennia, neurogenesis has been used under a different name. Meditation. Meditation simply means attention to self. Breath provides the fuel for meditation(PNS). Our body provides the mechanism for comprehension(CNS). Our brain provides the hard drive for creating, and storing new information(Neurogenesis).

The formula for implementation: Breathe; Move; Relax. The practice is daily.

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