I broke my knee's.... So I got high to fix them...

October 2015- Right menisci tear

December 2016-  Left knee imploded! Complete seizure of knee in flexed position



They had enough neglect and refused to do the work of my hips. Years of driving force into the ground forced my knees to throw in the towel.


So I got high.

Diligent study of my body, physics, and psychology; taught I spend too much time on the ground. I need to look up. Hanging sucks!


So I got high.

The struggle is real. Dislocations in both shoulders make hanging a legitimate challenge. I persevere. I learn this is not enough.


So I changed my perspective.

I go back to the ground. This time on my hands. I learn a whole new understanding of body, physics, and psychology. More importantly I broaden my perspective.


All because I got high.

No longer do I have weakness, but more options to create strength. No longer do muscles antagonize each other. They coordinate to find strength. No longer do I make excuses for my pain.


This entire article has nothing to do with smoking weed and getting high. High is a reference to my inability to hang from a bar, rings, etc. due to multiple shoulder injuries on both sides and neglecting to fix my weakness. I had to work my weakness to overcome it.

All it takes is a simple change in perspective.




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