From one fat kid to another

No I am not fat, Yes I have a six pack. Yes I look like the epitome of fitness.

But let me tell you one thing about all this.

No I wasn't born fit. At age 15, I was 225 lbs at 5'8" tall

No, it didn't come easy.

No, it wasn’t as simple as “just do it”.

As a matter of fact, it is the hardest damn thing I have ever done!

I am coming from a different perspective. A true perspective of what it is like to lose weight as a human being.

Here is a list of what I went through.

  1. Teased for my weight.
  2. Teased for caring about my looks and losing weight.
  3. Teased for eating tons of food.
  4. Teased for not eating tons of food and trying to lose weight.
  5. Shunned by girls because I was the fat kid.
  6. Shunned by girls because I used to be the fat kid.
  7. Asked by skinny family, when will you lose weight.
  8. Made fun of for actually doing it.

This was the story of my teenage years. When, as a young man, I was to find myself. Instead I found loneliness, separation, sadness, ridicule etc.. Fill in what you felt.

It was not fair. No matter what I did, I was given hell for it. Even as I tried to take care of myself I was still ridiculed. I listened to it for years and than made a conscious decision.


I’ll tell you what did. I said F it. I decided to take the comments and run with em. Your right, I am the fat kid eating a salad. Just like your the skinny kid eating the brownie. Yeah I am the fat kid riding 9 miles a day. Just like your the skinny kid playing video games. 15 years down the road. I am now the skinny kid. I am the fit one they look up to. And I am in a special place now. A place to help all of those who are where I once was. Let me give you some insight how.

I found myself. As a fat kid, I was defined by everyone. They told me I was the fat kid and I believed it. Today, only I decide who I am. Only I have that right, and I will exercise it.

I let go. I let go of the naysayers. Plenty ostracized me along the way. I wanted to prove them so wrong. I realized I never would. I only needed to prove myself right. And I did.

I understood it would be hard. Yeah it is going to be hard. You are seeking an answer only you can find. Its within you. Figure out how to bring it out. Exhaust every resource.

Just do it. Yeah I know. Contradictory to my earlier statement, but with a twist. Every idea came with a million reasons it would not work. But I did it. I found a hundreds of ideas that didn't work. But each one sent me down a different path that lead to the one that did work.

I know from experience it isn't easy. It took me almost a year to shed 50 lbs. I faltered, got lazy, quit and restarted countless times. But I persevered. There is only one way to lose the weight. Attach yourself to someone who has done it before. Ask the questions, share your struggles. Let them help you.

I traveled my path alone. It was riddled with vanity, unhealthy obsessions, and too many poor choices to remember. I am here to offer you a hand. TO guide you in anyway possible. I get it. I’ve done. I’ve lived it.

Lets do this together.

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