Your minor injuries are preventing your weight loss

Science: Stress on the human body will illicit a cortisol response which increases capacity for weight gain. Reference article

Minor injuries which constantly flare up stress us out encouraging ourselves to gain weight. Not only does the physical stress harm us but the emotional stress as well. We are limited from doing activities we enjoy by injuries. We are limited on physical stress relief when by injuries. The constant nagging pain of injuries depresses us. The end product of a small injury is much greater than we understand.


The solution: Daily maintenance of our body via fundamental movement exercises. EXAMPLE 

Daily attention to our minor injuries allows each injruy to heal in its own time while you still continue to progress in your training. Minimal rest days. Maximal work days.

Stress levels begin to decrease as pain dissipates leaving us happy, healthy, and most importantly... capable.

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FundaMENTAL Science of Physiological Pain

Here it is folks! Semesters of science rolled up into a short synopsis.

What is pain? Pain is a neurological response caused by an external or internal stimuli.

Scientific process: Peripheral Nervous System senses stimuli, sends stimuli to Nociceptors for interpretation.

Philosophy of  Science of Pain: We interpret the pain. Correct interpretation leads to cause of pain allowing for a change to be made.

The rope that ties it all together is our ability to breathe properly. Understanding of lungs and diaphragm increases oxygen consumption increasing mental acuity and physical ability. 

Science is simple. Application is the challenge.

Saturday Morning Thoughts

We look. We listen. We speak. We eat. We feel.

These are our daily task we perform in search of happiness.

We look for the right answer.

We listen to the right people.

We speak to the right ears.

We eat the right food.

We feel the right way.

The search for happiness is endless, but I know where the search begins.

I am the right answer.

I am  the right person.

I am the right ears.

I am the right food.


I am the right way.

All I have is me. Why not search the depths of who I am to understand the capacity of who I can be?


Do not hire me as your personal trainer.

As the Resolutions role in, I would like to make a few things clear.


If you are ready to lose weight. Do not hire me.

If you are looking for that elusive 6-pack. Do not hire me.

If you are ready for the beach body you have always wanted. Do not hire me.

Asmatter of fact, if your Resolution is rooted in anything but pure, honest, willingness to change…


Call me a jerk. Fine. Call me a dueschebag. Even better.


I am not here to steal your money and play on your false hopes.

I am not here to pacify you and tell you that I can get you where you want to be.

I am not here to hold your hand and tell you it is okay.

It is not.

You are an adult, and only you can do what it takes to get where you want to be.

You have to be the change you wish to see you in your life.

You have to put in the work/sacrifice etc. to see the results you wish.

I am simply here to guide you. Tell you what is truth and what is lies.

I possess the tools you need to build the life you want.


You must utilize these tools.

If you are ready to change your life…

If you are ready to pursue true happiness and health….

If you are ready to hear truth….


Lastly, If any of this has offended you, I am speaking to you.

It is time for you to decide if you can handle the truth.


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BREATHE! It will save you some stress!

BREATHE!!! For the most part, we don't speak in all caps at Roots. However, We are obligated to every time we see someone resisting their breath. We are always told to breathe in high stress situations. Those unintentional and those intentional. We can easily pinpoint the unintentional. Deadlines, arguments, embarrassment, etc. What about the intentional?

I am referring to exercise. Exercise is an intentional state of physical stress and requires constant breath to sustain the state of stress. No breath equals passing out!


Let’s break it down. A few really cool things start to happen when we breathe properly during exercise. The simple act of turning our focus on breathing creates awareness by connecting our Central Nervous System (CNS), and our Peripheral Nervous System(PNS). Simply speaking, our CNS is the system that activates our muscles using electrical signals. Our PNS is the electrical system which registers our senses. Taste, touch, sound, etc… Because these 2 systems are both in our brain, they can communicate.

By focusing our thoughts on breath and expanding our lungs to allow as much oxygen as possible, we immediately begin to feel (PNS) oxygen move into our lungs. This signals our CNS to relax the muscles around the diaphragm to allow a larger capacity of air. More oxygen leads to less work for our cardiovascular system. Also, reducing unnecessary muscular contraction reduces oxygen demand, which leads to less work for our cardiovascular system and a more effortless movement. Nerdy but cool!


Not really new to anyone. Most folks have known this without the application of science. But I pose an interesting question. How can breath be used to heal both physical and emotional trauma? And Can breath be used to provide happiness?


This one is quite an interesting and deep topic, but I will try to keep it as surface level as possible. Let’s start by connecting the intentional stress of exercise with the unintentional stress of daily life. We know breathing helps us with intentional physical trauma (exercise). We also know breathing helps with unintentional emotional trauma (fear, sadness, etc.). What about unintentional physical trauma coupled with unintentional emotional trauma? Say a car accident or even physical abuse. Each time we recall the memory of the unintentional stress, we feel a tension within us. A very unhealthy tension within our muscles. The memory from our mind will elicit a response from our CNS causing contraction within our muscles. A memory held in our muscles. A muscle than can be relaxed using communication between our CNS and PNS. A muscle which can be taught through repetition to stop contracting when a traumatic memory is recalled. Effectively reducing our physical response, which reduces pain. The breath decreases the pain response to the memory reducing the intensity of the memory. All by focusing our minds on breath.

Some call it meditation. Some call it Zen. I call it healing. It starts with Breath.


Intrigued by the article? Feel free to practice this Spine Mapping exercise.

Lie on you back with arms by your side on a flat surface. Relax your throat and breathe deep. Be sure you are not breathing through your nasal cavity(nose). Close your eyes and Imagine you have 4 corners on your torso. 1 at each shoulder and 1 at each hip. Breathe deeply and attempt to fill all 4 corners with air. Take 15 deep breaths.





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3 Reasons Your Diet Sucks and Isn't Working

I will keep this short and simple. Lets get to it

1. Deprivation
We believe we must take away all “bad” foods when we eat healthy and this is foolish. Treats do amazing things for our psychology. Hence why we eat treats when we feel emotionally down. When we crave treats, we crave a pick me up. A pick me up brings positive thoughts into our minds which reduce stress. Stress reduces cortisol; therefore preventing excess fat storage. When you want a damn treat, eat a damn treat. Trick, eat just a few bites and wait 3 minutes. Craving should pass. If it does not. Repeat one time and than get some discipline or help.

2. Starvation
Food is measured in Calories. Calories are a measure of energy. The average human requires 2,000 calories of energy each day. The measure of energy in electronics is volts. A flashlight requires 9 volts of electrical energy from a battery to work. This all makes since. Without the voltage(energy), the flashlight wont work. Guess what? Without calories(energy), the human body will not work. This is science, not an opinion. Do not DEPRIVE yourself of calories.

3. Education
This aspect is the most obvious yet most overlooked. We will only be as smart as our teachers. Have many, but question all. Get help folks. And be smart about it. 3 signs of a reliable teacher: 1. Diligently practices what they preach. 2. Can effectively explain hard to understand terms and concepts. 3. Is what you believe to be the epitome of health.
Your mind will need to trust this person. Any lack of trust will lead to confusion, and failure.

Final point. This short article is entirely geared towards the Psychology of Nutrition. We live in a tangible body, housing a tangible brain. All of which is controlled by an intangible mind. A certain something that makes you who you are. Without this being, we are a vegetable. When seeking success, do not discount the very thing that makes us who we are.

Thanks for the read folks! Hit us up below for more information or to start your journey to success!


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